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jeanne_pictureJEANNE HEILEMAN   (USA, L.A)

Senior Yogaworks teacher in Budapest

9-13 July, 2013

Jeanne leads a Yogaworks Yoga Teacher Training in Oslo, between 2 sessions she travels in Europe and holds workshops. She comes the second time to us.

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1/Workshops for everyone

2/ Yoga terapy course for teachers


(for intermediate, advanced and teachers)

July 13,  2013, Buda side studio (1024 Budapest, Ady E. u. 1. I/1)




1/ July 13:  10:00 am -12:30 pm


Backbends are considered some of the most exciting, adventurous and captivating parts of a yoga practice.  They can also be scary and harmful when not practiced with awareness.  Learning good alignment and how to do a pose safely is one aspect.  Learning how to breathe into a backbend is another important aspect to ensure that your pose not only blooms beautifully, but that you can truly feel the opening in your heart.


This workshop will work on opening the heart, from the inside out.  Through a flow practice that builds core heat for the muscles and joints, we will immediately start to apply breathing techniques to access the inner heart.  As we start to open, we will go into deeper backbends on the outside, while also moving deeper with our breath and Tantric visualizations on the inside.  A special Tantric heart opening meditation will close the workshop.


The heart is meant to be as light as air, and filled with the light of Truth. Unburden your obstacles and ignite a sacred flame that will support you throughout your daily life.


July 13:   2-5 pm, Saturday


(we focus on the lower 2 Chakras) 


A three-hour workshop focused on opening the hips from all six directions.  The session opens with a discussion on the hips and the different movement directions that the hips provide.  Students then move in a flow practice to warm up the body, followed with long deep holds in poses to release tight muscles in the Physical Body.  Unique in this workshop is the application of Chakra Work through imagery, mantra and breathing techniques that release holding in the Subtle and Emotional Body, where tightness in the hips can originate.  The workshop ends in a challenging pose, which varies depending on the group, which many students get surprised to find themselves master.    (This has become a popular workshop with students who repeat it each time it is offered.)  



Price: 2,5 hour workshop (3.900 HUF)

3 hour workshop (4.900 HUF)

50% deposit needed.

for these classes please register at recepcio@jogakozpont.hu

or call reception: +3620-552-6564



Yoga Therapy Course (for teachers):

Protecting the Spine in Any Yoga Class


July 9-12, 2013 TuesdayFriday, each day 9:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 16:30

In our Pest side studio (1136 Budapest, Tátra u. 5/B)

This Four-Day Series of laboratory sessions will address the different directions that the spine moves in a yoga practice. In the morning sessions we will begin with a short lecture about the risks that are common in each direction and how to prevent them.  Students will then practice this information in a fun, challenging, yoga class.  In the afternoons we will break specific poses or points down to learn how to instruct, sequence, and support your students to prevent possible injuries.  Participants will learn therapeutic solutions for general aches in each area and practice hands-on adjustments to aid students into poses.


Day One: Extension; Aligning the Spine

We will look at the ideal alignment of the spinal chord and actions that are used to help students maintain their own alignment.  This work is extremely powerful and strengthening for the Erector Spinae Muscles, the muscles that hold the vertebrae together.  We will look at conditions that affect a straight spine such as Scoliosis, Herniated Discs, Hyper Lordosis, and Hyper Kyphosis.


Day Two: Twists; Wringing Out the Toxins

Twists are not only healing for the internal organs of the body, they are also extremely cleansing for the vertebral discs.  We will learn about the health of both vertebrae and discs, and how twists can either harm them or help them.  Our yoga practice will explore many different types of twists.  When practiced wisely, these twists can bring healing for the back.  The conditions of Sciatica and Sacro-Iliac misalignment will be addressed, and techniques will be taught to bring relief for students.


Day Three: Backbends; Opening to the World

Backbends can be extremely opening, improve the Respiratory System, and bring positivity and hope to a student.  They can also bring lots of pain and injury when rushed or done with no awareness.  This session will focus on the actions that happen anatomically in backbends and how to continually bring the spine back to the alignment of Day One, even if in the deepest of backbends.  Attendees will learn how to adjust someone - safely - so that they can get deeper and experience the bliss that one deserves.


Day Four: Forward Folds; Bowing Inward

On this last day, we will look at all of the areas of the body that limit easy forward folding and how to help students through those limitations.  Students will learn how to engage the abdominal region to move safely into a Forward Fold.  Set up and adjustments for flexible students will be taught in comparison to the set up and adjustments for stiffer bodies.


Price (4 days yoga therapy) early registration price extended until July 9

180 Eur+VAT (54.000 HUF+VAT) deposit: 35 EUR or 10.000 HUF needed!


price/day (it is possible to participate on days only) early registration price extended until July 9

50 EUR+VAT (15.000 HUF +VAT) deposit: 17 EUR or 5000 HUF needed!


for Yoga Therapy course please register here:

info@jogakozpont.hu or call +3620-475-9665  skype: joginori, www.facebook.com/asram.joga


For participants not from Budapest

Accomodation is possible on yoga mats: 1500 HUF/night (or 5 eur/night)

   Yoga studio is central located, no deposit needed, pls book: info@jogakozpont.hu

                      ASRAM Yoga and Meditation Center

1024 Budapest, Ady Endre u.1.I/1. Tel: +3620-552-6564    e-mail: info@jogakozpont.hu