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Hatha jóga oktatóképzés - Angol nyelvű 200 órás

Reasons to choose us: 

We have built in yoga therapy in the learning material : How to tailor yoga science to individual needs for people with health problem. It is applicable to many chronic conditions (heart disease, indigestion, headache, diabetes, obesity, high BP, sleeping disorders, emotional stress etc.) We also explain your ways to emotional healing and the releasing of energetic blockages in the poses to activate our body’s own healing powers.

Sequences for the elderly, for woman problems, stress relief, restorative, yin yoga sequences, vinyasa flow yoga elements, power yoga, use of props, Iyengar approach, hip opening, detoxification, sun salution and moon salutation variation.

Graduates of this program will feel empowered to teach a variety of yoga class types, including all levels hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, alignment-based classes, yoga foundations, senior, gentle, woman, therapeutic and restorative.

We included more then 70 asanas with variations, props on beginner to advance level. Our aim is that teachers should be able to maintain a continuous path of development in asana practice and understanding the underlying connection between them as well as using them for terapeutic reason.

We have an extra woman yoga day (hormon yoga day): We will discuss detailed soluition for common woman issues as menstruation, fertility, menopause, hormons etc. including ayurvedic and naturopathy solutions. 

We have a Spine yoga day with 3 D test analisis where we will speak about the anatomy of the spine, common spine diseases, how to cure them and how to practice yoga to avoid further injuries and to  heal your back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip and spine issues.